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About Totally F*ing Brutal

Why Totally F*ing Brutal T Shirts?

Your friends, family and coworkers think some of the things you do are a little nuts. And maybe they're right... maybe it's a little extreme and sure maybe you feel you could die because it's Totally F*ing Brutal. But that's what makes you feel alive... crossing that line, pushing your limits, taking on the impossible, and having some fun and laughs doing it. And, most importantly, not taking shit too seriously. So buy a shirt, have some fun, help support some good causes and go do something Totally F*ing Brutal. Besides, sometimes you don't really have a choice like this featured shirt #monday.   



Tahoe Sweet Skulls

The mountains, wilderness, plants, animals and of course the beauty around Lake Tahoe are a primary inspirations for the apparel found here.  We wanted to put some of that awesomeness, style and vibe into fun leggings and clothing for all the activities you enjoy.  Sure to turn heads, grab compliments, and smiles. 


About Orders and Shipping

All our shirts are printed on demand which during peak times of year can take a little longer to prepare and send out.  The plus side is that this is less wasteful in general since there isn't a ton of wasted stock that no one orders.

About Returns and Order Changes

Since our t-shirts are printed on demand once the product is in production we can't make changes or refunds if you made a mistake on sizing or style selection. Please review the sizing guideline for each product that you order.  If you get a message to us right away and we can intercept your order before going to production we will happily change it for you. 

If there is a problem with the printed shirt or materials we will gladly exchange or refund your purchase.